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The Leadership Team

MAK College of Pharmacy takes chiefessays.net pride in creating the Pharmacists of tommorow.  Our highly skilled leadership team is focused on your academics and understands how to create a framework for a consistent flow of knowledge.

Mr. Mohammed Zakir Osman
Mr. Mohammed Zakir OsmanChairman
The MAK Group is led by Mohammed Zakir Osman. While he manages all his businesses, but at the core of his heart he is a true educationist whose key interest lies in the greater good of humanity. He is behind the MAK Group which is impacting millions of lives through its innovations in the pharmaceutical field.

Dr. Mohammed Taqee Ansari

General Secretary

Mr. Mohammed Zaki Osmani

Joint Secretary

Mr. Mohammed Inthehaz Ahmed

Administrative Officer

Dr. Khaja Zeeyauddin

Professor & Principal


The mission of MAK College of Pharmacy is to provide innovative educational environments, opportunities, and experiences that enable individuals, communities, and the region to grow, thrive, and prosper.

MAK College of Pharmacy will set the standard for pharmacy education in the twenty-first century. We are committed to creating and sustaining the conditions that enable all our students to experience an unparalleled educational journey that is intellectually, socially, and personally transformative

  • To provide lifelong education and training that produces graduates with the skills necessary to sustain individual career success within a global economy
  • To provide employers and communities with the human resources they will require for economic success and contribution to the community
  • Taking a leadership position in influencing education and conducting applied research that will create the new products and services necessary for sustaining the economic health of our external community

MAK College of Pharmacy is committed to the success of our students, both while they are working on their degrees and when they look to become employed members of our society.


  • We are committed to providing the best educational experience possible to every student.
  • We seek opportunities to identify and celebrate excellence as part of our culture.


  • We are committed to ensuring that all members of the MAK College of Pharmacy are accountable for their work in support of the College, its mission, and ideals.

Community & Diversity:

  • We promote an open and diverse community that encourages an unfettered exchange of ideas, with civility, respect and the empowerment of all individuals.
  • We believe in a future interconnected with our neighbors, our nation, and our world.
  • We believe that our diversity as a community is a strength that should be celebrated.

Social Resposibility:

  • We believe that by helping others, we enhance our own lives and the lives of others.


  • We uphold the highest ethical standards, striving for institutional and personal integrity in all that we do.

Creative Expression:

  • We believe that learning is rooted and grows in creative thought, inquiry, and self-discovery.

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