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Central Instrumentation Room


Inspired By Excellence & Innovation The Central Instrumentation Facility has been created with an objective of providing a central facility of latest and advanced analytical techniques for research in various areas of science and technology. It houses several highly sophisticated and modern analytical equipments offering  its users, a wide range of analytical methods/techniques for chemical/material analysis/testing/characterization enabling them to keep pace with developments taking place globally, publish their research findings in peer-reviewed high impact factor journals and through their concerted efforts contribute to the upliftment of the society at large.

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Micro Biology


Micro-Biology Par Excellence The lab has collection of instruments in an aseptic room, which include laminar airflow bench, B.O.D incubators, dry heat sterilizers, microscopes and others for various experiments which include sterilization, staining, culturing and other microbiological isolation methods for assaying purposes.

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Anatomy & Physiology


Anatomy & Physiology Par Excellence This lab has sophisticated and effective instruments set up for various experiments that include, basic haematological experiments, experiments on human anatomy using histological slides, anatomy charts and other models.

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Pharmacology – Lab


Pharmacology Par Excellence The Pharmacology analytical lab is the analysis laboratory located within the department of the pharmacology at MAK college. The mission here is to develop, validate and maintain state of art quantitative assays. In this lab we learn about the action of various drugs on the living tissues and this knowledge is later on extended towards designing the drug and treatment of diseases.

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