Our Faculty

Our faculty of scholars delves deep into critical inquiry every day to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. Using various methodologies, these community leaders ask questions that spark curiosity and open up possibilities. Our students are welcomed to collaborate with faculty, ideating together to reimagine a more sustainable future. Change begins with a question. What will you ask

Dr. Nagasuri Ravindra,

M.Pharmacy, Ph.D., F.I.C

Principal & Professor

Dr. Khaja Zeeyauddin,
Dr. Khaja Zeeyauddin, M.Pharmacy, Ph.D.
Professor & H.O.D, Pharmacology
Dr. V Sateesh Kumar
Dr. V Sateesh KumarM.Pharmacy Ph.D
Professor & HOD, Pharmaceutics
Mr. Mohammed Rawoof
Mr. Mohammed RawoofM.Pharmacy (Ph.D)
Associate Professor, Pharmacology

Mr. M. Rajkumar
Mr. M. RajkumarM.Pharmacy, (Ph.D)
Associate Professor, Pharmaceutics
Mr. K. Sudheer Kumar
Mr. K. Sudheer KumarM.Pharmacy, (Ph.D)
Associate Professor, Pharmacognosy
Mr. S. Seetharam Swamy
Mr. S. Seetharam SwamyM.Pharmacy, (Ph.D)
Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mr. J. Ram Kishan
Mr. J. Ram KishanM.Pharmacy
Associate Professor, Pharmacognosy
Mr. Tippu Arif Hussain
Mr. Tippu Arif HussainM.Pharmacy
Associate Professor, Pharmacology
Mr. P Venkanna
Mr. P VenkannaM.Pharmacy
Assistant Professor, Pharmacognosy
Mrs. Hafsa Rana
Mrs. Hafsa RanaM.Pharmacy
Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutics
Miss. Reshma Begum
Miss. Reshma BegumM.Pharmacy
Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Analysis
Mr. S Khaja Shamshuddin
Mr. S Khaja ShamshuddinM.Pharmacy
Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutics
Mr. K. Yadava Reddy
Mr. K. Yadava ReddyM.Pharmacy
Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutics
Mr. Aditya Mathur
Mr. Aditya MathurM.Pharmacy
Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mrs. Ayesha Fatima
Mrs. Ayesha FatimaM.Pharmacy
Assistant Professor, Pharmacology
Mrs. Syeda Saniya Fatima
Mrs. Syeda Saniya FatimaM.Pharmacy
Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Analysis
& Quality Assurance
Mrs. Neha Venkata Durga
Mrs. Neha Venkata DurgaM.Pharmacy
Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Analysis

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